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What is faith?

Being careless about the usage of the word "faith" is common. There are phrases like "we are saved by faith". Most times faith is not defined. A believer should not be content with that kind of uncertainty.

Faith and knowledge

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There is another sign that confusion exists about understanding faith. It can be seen in the way faith and knowledge is separated. Scientists have long argued: "we have knowledge, you have faith." Believers many times don't resist that argument. But to avoid confusion, they should.


To have faith there first needs to be information. There is much to choose from. Some people concentrate on political ideas and are indifferent about religion. They pick their party and accept those ideas as best. That decision then dictates their stance towards all politics. Their party is superior and brings about the best outcome for society. The stance is seldom called faith, but nevertheless it is.

Some people emphasize the scientific. Each person has some way of prioritizing information. That will always effect decision making and allow it to be seen where their faith is placed. A believer uses the Word of God by which to judge things. Their source of knowledge above other sources is what God has declared to humanity. That makes times of ignorance over:


Acts 17:30 And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent.

What ever information is given the priority then guides how we evaluate conflicting information, suggestions, ways of action etc. Faith can be placed in many things but it always guides life choices, some things approved, others discarded.


The above should show that some kind of faith is always used in decision making. Faith is by no means only conceptual. The ideas that a person acts upon, are their most defining beliefs. An atheist or a Christian, both of them choose from the information they prioritize as most important.

The above should also show that there is no reason to make distinction between faith and faithfulness. Faith is just as practical as faithfulness.

How does God see faith?

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